Daily Check-in: Monday, December 24th


Hello, FB Family! How are you doing on your side of the planet this Christmas Eve? We are just more or less one day away from Christmas! One day! Here's a bubble light from my tree to emphasize the countdown. I love bubble lights. They are, like, the coolest decorations...And speaking of which, what are some of your favorite decorations, old or new?

..Now if you read this far and happen to be scratching your head, wondering what the Kim happened to our daily scheduled Check-ins; I'm still taking over as Kim is away hopefully having no doubt a Kimtastic time! So enjoy these Ravenesque check-ins while you still can! ;)

..Now back to business; what #WorkoutCompleteForK&D workouts do you feel like today, if any? Got a killer sweat session planned, or will you let the couch bench press you for a change? Either way, listen to your body and make it work for you! ..I want to do some total body strength, like this one: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/total-body-strength-workout-for-people-who-get-bored-easily-total-body-burnout

I think this will also go nicely with a short abs routine to finish it off!

And now let's get to what we can stab with a fork, scoop with a spoon or pick up with our hands and taste so delicious! What is it on the food front, Blenders? I'm using mostly hands tonight because it will be the traditional Christmas Eve pizza for dinner! I'm beyond excited for it!..But if you are still scrambling or craving for some last minute tried and true Christmas goodies, check out Lisa's post on Christmas cookies where she posted some recipes from what she made! https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/9963/christmas-cookies-yum

^ I think I'm going to try and make the lemon bars!

..Alright everyone, it's early in the morning here, but I already want to do a happy dance! Can you feel the excitement in the air? It has to make for a better and more awesome Monday for sure! Like, is it even Monday? I can't tell! Its just a Funday! So, go out there today and have a good 'ol fashion funday!