#ScenicFBChallenge Day 4!


Hello, blenders!

Here we are on day 4 of the Scenic FB Challenge! We’re half way through this challenge, and I’m so proud of y’all! I’ve thrown some hard routines out there, and everyone is doing amazing! This has been so fun doing this challenge, and trying new routines out with you all! I think it’s so cool how we’re from all over the world doing the same workouts each day together! Thanks to Kelli and Daniel for making this all possible!

Alrighty, so are you nice and sore from yesterday? I think like from the upper body day, since I worked out last night I’m not too sore yet; but I definitely feel it coming on in my glutes! I’ll keep y’all posted! That was a toughie yesterday!

And are y’all feeling good and challenged from our first 3 days? If so, then you can be happy because today we have a nice active recovery day. Today’s routines consist of Pilates/yoga routines for flexibility, toning and stress relief. For our scenery we’ve got a view of city buildings, (and Loki!😄) the mountains and a beautiful lake view. I’ve tried to put these in order of warm up, workout, cool down. It’s all stretching/flexibility, but since the second video is a little toning too; I think the first video is a good little “warm up,” (Kelli talks about using that routine as a warm up in the video) and the last one with the peaceful looking lake is a nice way to end. But just like y’all have the last few days, feel free to do them in whatever order you like! Today’s line up is just under 30 minutes.




Thanks to Raven for the idea of switching day 4 and 5! (She’s always got great ideas, don’t y’all think!) That won the vote, and I think it works well in helping balance out the schedule.

Hope you enjoy your recovery day, blenders! I’ll probably do these before bed tonight, so I’ll share about it tomorrow; but feel free to share today, tomorrow, or whenever! I love reading your posts and comments! I may not respond everyday, but I want y’all to know I read each one, and give y’all a big thumbs up of support! I love reading them and y'all are doing awesome!👍🏻👏🏻🤗

Have a beautiful day, FB fam!💙

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