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Lake Cool Down Yoga Workout - Fluid Yoga Stretches for Flexibility and Stress Relief

6 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Warm Up/Cool Down, Stretching/Flexibility
    • Equipment Mat, No Equipment
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    Blow off stress with this yoga stretching routine that makes for a great cool down workout. Even if you haven't just finished a good workout, stepping away from your busy day for this quick stretch can leave your body feeling much less tensed and uptight. As an added bonus, this particular video has a nice view - we filmed this routine on a very cold, very grey day (i.e. very Pacific Northwest day) on Lake Padden.

    These are fluid stretches; a couple of the combinations are done for repetitions, and others are held for 5-10 seconds. Listen to the cues (especially the first time you try this yoga workout) and it will be easy to follow along.

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    Printable Yoga Stretch Workout
    Overhead Stretch + Forward Bend - This one feels wonderful; take in a deep breath, and bring arms up over your head, taking a few seconds to stretch on each side of your torso. Exhale, and sweep your arms down towards your toes, as low you can reach without inflicting any pain.

    Warrior Pose - Step feet shoulder width apart and lunge forward, with the foot of the trailing leg at 90 degrees. Stretch arms straight out from joints in opposite directions. Breathe here, lunging as deeply as you need to to feel a stretch.

    Modified Side Angle - From Warrior, bend at the torso to rest one elbow on the forward leg, reaching towards the sky with the opposite hand.

    Low Lunge - Rotate at the torso to face that forward leg, then sink forward into a very low lunge.

    Downward Dog - Stand with feet hip width apart, and walk hands out. Try to press heels into the floor (it's okay if you can't) and aim to press your head down in between your shoulders.

    Downward Dog Split - Lift one leg as high as you comfortably can.

    Hip Opener - While still holding the downward dog, bend at the knee to open the hips.

    Modified Pigeon - Lunge weight forward and tuck the leg that was extended under your body; lean over that bent leg for a nice stretch in the glute, hamstrings and outside thigh of the bent leg, and the hip flexors of the extended leg.

    Pigeon + Leg Pull - Sit up straight in the modified pigeon stretch and bend the extended leg so that you can twist at the torso and grab your toes. If you can't do this, stay in the upright pigeon stretch.

    Cat to Cow - On all fours, hunch your back upwards, stretching out the muscles along the spine. Take a deep breath, and move as far as you comfortably can in the opposite range of motion, sinking your rib cage toward the floor, sticking your butt out.

    Child's Pose - Rock back to settle bodyweight onto legs, pressing the arms into the floor to stretch the shoulders and upper body.