Best workout program specifically for a fat loss


Hey guys - I am really thrilled with the community board. Can you help me? I'm thinking about buying a new program, but I am not sure, which one is the best for a fat burn problem... Please don't say, that all of then ;)

I did #FBSweat twice as my first choice and it is awesome and I gained a really good amount of muscles with not so much of a fat burn or a weight loss and I want to focus more on that now.

Can you help?

About the diet: I am trying to fix my diet, to eat less calories, but I really hate to be hungry, and currently work and life are crazy stressful, so I eat a lot... Trying to choose only clean and healthy, but that is not always an option, as I travel much and sometimes I am very busy with practically no time for myself in a few days...

So its hard to cut always calories and I want to train better...