FB Booty + FB Flex - Review


Programs Complete!

Today I finished the FB Booty (R1) and FB Flex combination.

I'll start with "results" - sort of. I don't weigh, measure or do PFTs, but I have seen some lovely new muscle lines this last week.

And now onto "enjoyment" - which is the main thing I'm interested in.

Flex was amazing!! I will do it again - regularly! I loved every workout, or very nearly. I had so much fun with this program, and feel pretty strong and impressed with myself at the end of it.

Booty was a good, well-rounded program... But it wasn't for me. I felt like my check-ins alternated between "That workout was awesome!!" (Flex) and "That workout was fine." (Booty)

I eventually figured out why I wasn't crazy about it: while I love working out with both Daniel and Kelli, I do have one personal preference, and that is for HIIT with Daniel. Booty workouts are predominantly with Kelli, so I have really missed my HIIT with Daniel over the past month. (I would LOVE to see a more even Booty Round 3!!)

(Oh and there was not a single clean & press in the entire program. What?! My favourite lower body exercise.)

Now, about the Booty + Flex combination: it was too much for me! I made the mistake of doing it along with Renee. The company was great and it's fun to do programs together - but I ended up doing 6 days' worth of workouts PLUS a 90-min dance class every week, on top of an active job. That's way too much!! And no extra stretching, so I was pretty stiff and sore along the way. So I have learnt a lesson there, and will give buddy programs a miss in future.

Needless to say my next program will be Reach!

Thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel, for these programs! I really have enjoyed working out this November. 🙂