Lower back pain after workouts


Hi everyone! This is my first post on the community board after working out with Fitness Blender for about 2 years! I was hoping to get some advice about my lower back pain, which I believe is due to fatigued muscles. My lower back is pretty weak, I guess. I've pulled it once in the past (about 4 years ago). Over the past few weeks, my lower back has been pretty fatigued, especially after workouts that have a lot of deadlifts. I am trying to watch my form as much as I can and know that I should be using my hamstrings and not my lower back, but deadlifts do target the lower back a little, right? I do feel my back muscles tiring out during the workouts with deadlifts. But, the day after those workouts, if I move a sudden way, or use my back in any way (I work with children, so sometimes I pick them up and try to use my legs), my lower back aches for a few hours. And if I do a workout the next day (e.g., upper body the day after the deadlift workout), my lower back aches after the workout. I'm not sure if I should target my back and abs more to strengthen them and hold off doing other total body workouts, take more time off between my workouts (I am trying the 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, like most programs), and/or lift lighter for deadlifts (I've only been lifting 12-15 lbs per hand and I think my legs are pretty strong). I am not sure if doing one of those or all of them is the best next step. I just want to continue progressing and getting stronger :)

Thanks so much to everyone in advance! Looking forward to hearing back from the community :)

- Ashley