I always hated home workouts,


I always hated home workouts.

For me, group classes, kickboxing and yoga worked best. I loved being part of a community and socializing. I'm almost finished with my studies, and I have no time to spend on extra travel to group classes. But now, more than ever I feel like I am aware of my own progress. I feel like am I am getting a little addicted to your workouts to be quite honest. I start my day with Kelli and Daniel (currently doing burn round 2 program in the morning) and also end my day with them (reach program).

My amazing fit mother and I have been doing your workouts together and have been pREACHing your programs,

You're right Kelli, I feel so much during the day after I workout!

MY CLASSIC POST WORKOUT HEALTHY FULL MEAL while enjoying the snowy day in Quebec, Canada.

(Natural greek yogourt, almond butter, frozen dark cherries, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, instant oats, almond milk and a little bit of honey for sweetness)