Which program to do for December? So many options!


Hi there,

I’ve been easing back into my Fitness Blender workouts after suffering a minor ankle fracture at the beginning of September. I’m also slowly getting back into jogging (2-3 times per week). I am about to complete FB Low Impact, and I’m trying to figure out what program would be good for me to stay fit during the holiday season. I will have to continue to modify HIIT workouts to avoid re-injuring my ankle.

I purchased a number of programs during the Cyber Monday sale, including a couple of 8-week programs, but I think I want to do a 4-week program so that I wrap it up at the end of the year.

Here are my options:

FB Abs 2 (I was just on day 4 of this program when I injured my ankle, so I haven’t completed this one yet)

Burn 2



Bored Easily

Right now I’m leaning towards either Sweat or Strong.

I could also re-do my combination of Booty 2 and Flex, or maybe Flex and Abs 2.

Argh! I’m totally overthinking this. Help me, FB Community!

(Thanks in advance)

The photo is from yesterday evening, when my cat decided to join my for my stretching workout.