FB30 Round 3 Results


Hiya guys, I’ve just done my second PFT in order to see my results from this program. Admittedly it has taken me 10 weeks to complete instead of 8 weeks, as I was ill for 11 days right in the middle.

PFT from Day 1 - Day 54

1 mile run -20seconds

1/2 push ups +6

Squats +4

Plank +12 seconds

Sit and reach +8cm

My measurements from Day 29 - Day 54 (started to measure when I went back into week 4 as a suggestion from Lisa O 😊)

Waist +/- 0

Hip -0.5”

Thigh -0.5”

Neck -0.5”

Biceps +/- 0

Forearm +/- 0

Wrist -0.5”

Please let me know if any of these results are good or if I should be seeing more improvement. I am slightly overweight so have a bit I’d like to lose and work on, but I haven’t measured or done a PFT before to know what results I should be seeing. I have taken a lot of advice from the FB Team and fellow Blenders, but still have a bit to learn!

Onto FB Strong tomorrow, I already can’t wait to do this again in 4 weeks time 🤞🏼