Strong Completed Twice, Don't Want to Plateau


So I've done Strong 2 times in a row now. The first round I lost 2 inches around my bust and thighs. The 2nd time I actually lost weight, 3 lbs. This has been amazing because this is the first time I've seen fast results like this in months since consistently working out with FB. I want to do Strong again since lifting has proven to have an amazing effect on my body, but I already did it for 8 weeks. I know that if I repeat Strong for a 3rd round in a row then my body will start to get used to the exercise and might plateau. So I plan on doing another program and then doing strong 4 weeks later when I complete that program. I don't know what program would be best though. I really want to keep up the weight loss since I've finally started seeing results. I own Sweat, Bodyweight and Abs Round 1. I want to definitely purchase some programs on cyber Monday.

Would doing some more HIIT focused programs shake things up and throw my body for a loop and make it work harder, so I won't plateau? (Since I've been doing a lot of lifting for the past 2 months) What programs do you all recommend? I really don't want to plateau again since I've finally begun to lose weight.