Paradise, CA Camp Fire... back to the routine tomorrow!


I am a teacher at Paradise Charter Middle School in Paradise, CA, a community that was obliterated by wildfire in a matter of hours on November 8. Unlike nearly all of my students, I did not lose my home and I was not completely traumatized as they were by driving through flames and destruction, fearing for their lives.

Before November 8, I had been in the healthiest routine of my life. I have lost 40 pounds since March and was working out with Fitness Blender 6 days per week. I had completed the FB low-impact, Sweat, Fit, and 30 programs and November 9 would have been my final day of the FB Abs 4-week program. My entire world was cast into chaos when many family members, friends, colleagues, and students became instantly homeless due to this deadly fire. My sister-in-law and her family of five moved into my son's bedroom, I spent hours and hours in meetings with exhausted colleagues who had lost everything as we struggled to figure out how to teach children who had been spread out across the state and with no place to teach them. I haven't been sleeping and have had no time or energy to workout at all. I've struggled with a massive sinus infection due to smoke exposure on top of it all and the stomach flu went through our household during these past two weeks as well. It has been rough.

Today, my sister-in-law and her family moved into a sweet little temporary home of their own. My son played in his high school basketball scrimmage, and the rain cleared most of the smoke away. My sinuses are clearing and I am so, so tired, that I am hopeful sleep will come to me tonight. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'm looking forward to starting the FB Flex program, and then I will follow it with the FB Low Impact program. I am going to re-start my workout routine by easing back in and doing what I know will make me feel better. I can't tell you how much I have missed Kelly and Daniel and my morning routine of working out with Fitness Blender. It has only been 17 days, but it feels like it's been years since I have worked out with my old friends.

Next week, I will face working to bring my traumatized and now homeless students back to school when we have no community or school to return to. I will work with my colleagues and we will get our kids back and bring them together. I will help them realize how resilient they are and that they will get through this nightmare. But first, I will wake up and get my Fitness Blender time in each and every day.

Thank you, Fitness Blender, for providing some normalcy and routine for me when I need it so, so badly!