FB-30 is my Sweet Spot


I am one week away from finishing Round 3 FB-30 and I've got to say this is my best programme overall (it used to be FB Burn 2 and Bored Easily sharing the spot).

But, as someone who works out 5 times a week, this has been the best for me.

First of all, it is 8 weeks.

Second, each week you get at least 2 40-minutes videos (sometimes more. i.e. including the extra credit challenge) which makes it more wholesome.

Thirdly doing long 40-minutes plus workouts 5-days a week, tires me out and I don't see myself doing so all my life (and this is my goal, to work out at least 5x a week for as long as I am physically able to).

So, yes, these FB-30 programmes are helping me keep my goal.

I will be purchasing the other Rounds of it and hope K&D can do more in the future. Of course, I will interchange them with other programmes I have from time to time to continue building endurance.