Choosing a New Program - HELP


Hello FB family!!

In September I completed FB Flex to get my arms nice and strong and loved it. Then in late September/early October, I completed FB Strong to get more of a total body strength routine, and started working out 5x a week. Right now, I am about to finish FB Booty Round 2, and I added workouts to make it 5x a week, and added more HIIT.

I am LOVING the mix of strength and HIIT, and my legs feel so strong! I also love working out 5x a week. Since I am about to finish FB Booty 2, I'm starting to look at new programs. I really want HIIT and strength training in this next program, 5x a week - no specific muscle focus.

I can't decide between FB Bored Easily, FB Burn, or FB Sweat. They all sound too similar to differentiate, but I'm leaning towards Bored Easily because I love those videos (and do get bored when it comes to HIIT, it's a love hate relationship!).

So, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Pros and cons of programs? Thank you so much!