Should have been programme complete....


So, this is a bit of a ridiculous story, but I just wanted to share it with you guys....

Yesterday should have been my programme complete - FB Fit. It's the first time I've done a FB programme so feel really proud of myself for making it to the end, well nearly. Anyway, instead of getting my program complete, I got a migraine. Eurgh. It wiped me out for the whole of yesterday, and still this morning I didn't feel up to it and it felt RUBBISH.

So anyway, long story short I convinced myself to go for a gentle jog and got some fresh air because I felt I could just about manage that with my head etc. However, I decided to take a route I have never done before, only to get horribly lost, and in the end I ran 12kms. No jokes.

So anyway, it may not be officially program complete as I'd have liked, but it feels sort of fitting nonetheless. And also, clearly, Kelli and Daniel have made me some sort of machine, to just casually chuck out an accidental 12km run out of nowhere!

Will be back to it Monday morning for sure! :)