Tabata week Day 3 Check-in


Day 3 – Core and Total Body HIIT

Hey, guys, we made it through two days already! So this could be proper timing for an “almost done!” in a Daniel’s sense of the word! :P

But seriously, hats off if you came back for Day 3, and a special hats off to those of you who are outside your comfort zone with this 8-set structure but still sticking with it.

So today we tackle this beast -, the longest and toughest of the week.

Or we rest :D depending on how we feel…

I feel not too shabby physically, but very low on motivation today to be honest. I wish this workout was on Monday to get it out of the way at the start, while nice and rested after the weekend. A lesson for future scheduling. Now I’ll just keep reminding myself that we will be over the hump after today.

So, see you later in the comments, with either #workoutcompletes or #restcompletes. Also, feel free to comment here about any tabata day you are on, it was to be expected that our schedules will be out of sync.

A huge and hearty congrats for all your workoutcompletes so far! Thanks for all your comments, it’s interesting to see many different views on the same workouts. And sorry that I don’t always reply or that it takes me a day, cause we’re continents and time zones apart ;)

Good luck and stay safe!