Daily Check-in: Tuesday, October 23rd

Hello Blenders!

How are you all doing today?

I'm still a bit sick, but honestly, I don't feel bad. This cough is annoying, but not unmanageable. So I might even try a workout today!

Which brings me to: Are you guys working out today, or are you resting?

I might try to get a #WorkoutCompleteForK&D with an upper body routine. I'm not sure which one yet, but I'm anxious to get moving again. My cough doesn't seem to be aggravated by being up and moving, so I figured I would give it a go today.

And what about some good food today?

I'm thinking that while I love soup, I'm about ready for something different! I'm thinking some salmon sounds good tonight. Maybe with roasted potatoes and broccoli? Ok, I talked myself into it. haha

What about you guys? What's on the menu for today?

And if you're following along with Kristina's Tabata Challenge, here's the link to her Day 2 post:


I'm sort of jealous of you guys today--because that 60 minute upper body workout is one of my faves! Just be ready for sore muscles tomorrow, for sure! haha

I also have a funny #HusbandofKim story to share with you today!

So hubby and I went to the store to get some shelving units to put in our basement. The ones that my hubby liked were a brand called "Muscle Rack." So we get up to the check out with these shelving units, and the cashier says something along the lines of "'Muscle Rack'? That's kind of a funny name." And my hubby goes: "Yeah. My wife is more of a "Muscle Rack" than that shelving unit could ever be."

I literally 'guffawed', which sent me into a coughing fit (and clearly did not improve my "Muscle Rack" standing with the cashier), and the cashier just smirked at my husband and moved on. lol

So yeah, it was kinda funny, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

That hubby of mine, always causing trouble wherever he goes. haha

Well Blenders, I will quit talking your ear off today! I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!