Tabata week Day 2 Check-in


Day 2 – Upper Body Strength -

Hi all!

First, some links for possible newcomers. This is what’s going on here - and here is a link to our Day 1 check-in

Okay then! On to day 2 and our upper body. Of all the workouts this week, I’m least familiar with this one and it’s the only one not in my favorites. Therefore it’s the one I’m most curious about :)

I’m feeling yesterdays workout just a bit in my calves, nothing major but I love it because it’s an area where I very rarely get sore. I guess it shouldn’t bother me for today’s workout, except maybe the warmup so I’m hoping for a jumpingjackless one :) (more impressions will follow in the comments, I’m again posting before the workoutcomplete)

And last but not least, rember to listen to your body! You already know that, but I think it’s always worth mentioning.

My own personal approach to this week is to be very cautious, pace myself and be observant about how my body is reacting, because I’m not used to a week-long of tabataing. I’m not looking to get “the maximum” out of every workout, but to test what intensity should I be putting in, in order to cruise through a 5-day week of hour-long workouts. I’m not imposing that approach to anyone, if it would make you feel “well then I’m not getting everything I could from this particular workout”. If your goal is to approach each workout individually, see how much of a burn you can get (with proper form!), that’s fine too, but please don’t feel ANY pressure to follow such schedule daily. To get the maximum out of a workout means to start it rested, and rest after it if you need to. There’s no time limit to the challenge and also remember that I’m a total amateur with making a schedule (this is me having doubts now that I took a better look at tomorrow’s workout and seeing that it has A LOT of planks, too much for after an upper body day).

Well, this turned out longer than I initially wanted but I guess I needed to get it off my chest because as the initiator of this “challenge” I’d feel responsible if anyone pushed too hard and harm themselves :/ Don’t! :)

See you in the comments