Here is what FB Abs could do for you!


It's always difficult trying to select which program to do next or even which program to buy. I used to base my purchases on the areas that I wanted to improve on coupled with success stories from the FB community. Even so, I always struggled to commit to a program when I couldn't find any before and after pictures for the individual program itself. Here's hoping I inspire someone.

I've previously completed the 4 week FB Abs (round 1) program and the results were WAY better than I expected, so being utterly displeased with my waistline, naturally, I reverted to this program.

The results are as follows:-

cm lost: -10 cm around my stomach

Weight loss: - 2kg with a fair amount of muscle built

And most importantly... increased core strength!

My Abs may still be on sabbatical but I can definitely feel them lurking in the shadows. Next up: FB Burn round 1... Watch this space!