Hi everyone! I am new to FB and am so glad I found this site. I've had a gym membership for several years now, started out with just cardio, then last year or so started doing a little lifting. Then I got bored with it. So, I was looking for something else and really wanted to take classes, but my gym doesn't do classes. Then I found FB and now I'm hooked. Have come to realize 1) wow, total body workouts are rough, even at fitness level 2 lol 2)I really wasn't pushing myself lifting. Anyway sorry for the long story, let me get to the point. I want to get some equipment, but need a little guidance. I'm a 41 year old female and can't lift heavy yet. So I have a set of 5 lb dumbbells, one 10 lb dumbbell and one 15 lb dumbbell, I was thinking I would add a set of 2 lb and maybe pick up an extra 10 and 15 so I'd have a set. I've also got in my cart (lol) a set of resistance bands with the door anchor and a set of 5,10,15 lb kettleballs. I figure this would give me variety, but I want to make sure I'm getting heavy enough. So, I guess my question is how do I know how much I need? I really, really like the powerblock adjustable weights, but until I make sure I stick with this, I won't invest in them. Anyway, thanks for any help you can send my way. Thanks!