Powerblock Weights



I am new to this forum thing. Just purchased the FB strong program. I’ve done FB workouts off and on. Never been good at staying motivated at home. Was paying for a boot camp membership but I think I can do this now and I want to try more weight workouts! And hoping to actually see results!

My question is about weights. I bought some adjustable 12/24lb dumbbell set but screwing the weights on and off takes time so I find I don’t change wt too much (also I was way too ambitious thinking I could do 24lbs consistently). And I’d love more variety than those two wts.

I am looking into the powerblock weights. Looks like those who have them love them?

My question is - which ones do I get? They have the 24lb ones but I’m wondering (and hoping) I’ll grow out of those and maybe should get a bigger set? But 50lbs is intense. Looks like on the powerblock website they have 33lb ones the “pro” set. It is significantly more expensive but worth it? Any suggestions? Anything I’m missing in my research?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and help!