New Here - Never Exercised 39year old woman 🙈

Hi. I am hitting the big 40 in a few months and been thinking how much I really want to add exercise into my lifestyle - I’m hoping I’ve not left it too late to start! I have tried classes and gym in the past but I get bored easily and have never really enjoyed exercising - but as my body is getting older I know I need to do something! I stumbled across your website as I started a squat challenge two days ago 50 yesterday and 55 today - I’m in complete agony and now realise that this is probably not the best thing to start with. So I came across your work out for beginners and the fact I can do it from home suits me. What I’d like to know is when would you recommend I start - currently my quads are complete agony so much I can hardly sit down without screaming out at the pain they are causing me from the squats I’ve done over last two days - next question how many times a week as a beginner would you recommend I start with?

Thank you

Angela x