Daily Check-in: Friday, August 10th, Let the 1000 Calorie Workout Party Begin!!


Hello Blenders!

It's "officially" the start of our 1000 Calorie Workout Party!! I'm so excited! Just in case you missed it, here's a few reminders! First off, here's the link to the 1000 Calorie Workout that won our voting contest a couple weeks ago:


Once you conquer this beast, please feel free to share a post/pic titled "1000 Calorie #WorkoutCompleteForK&D" and we'll all celebrate together! This party lasts through Sunday (August 12th) so feel free to join in if you can! And yes, it still counts if you can only do a portion of the workout! And yes, it still counts if the 1000 Calorie Workout is a bit too much for you, and you substitute with a workout that fits you better! Join in however, and whenever, you can, and we'll see how many "1000s" of calories we can burn for Kelli and Daniel! I hope you all can join in!

Here's the links to everyone who has completed it so far:

Karolina: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/7673/1000-calorie-workoutcompletefork-d

Ivett: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/7674/1000-calorie-workoutcompletefork-d-early-bird

Lisa: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/7746/1000-cal-workoutcompletefork-d

Delphine: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/7758/i-did-it-1000caloriesworkoutcompletefork-d

So feel free to head on over to their posts and give them a very well deserved congratulations!!

Ok, Blenders, so how are you all doing today? It's Friday! Any fun weekend plans?

And are you working out, or resting today?

I'm gonna get my 1000 Calorie #WorkoutCompleteForK&D later today, so wish me luck! haha

As for food: I plan to eat ALL of it once I'm done with my workout--so no planned meal today, just everything lol.

Well Blenders, if you're conquering the 1000 Calorie Workout today, best of luck to you, and I know you can do it! I look forward to seeing everyone's posts! Thank you for joining in, and for cheering each other on! You guys are awesome!

I hope you all have a Fantastic Friday, and, thanks for checking in with me!