I'm a 5"10 male and weigh 88kg, that means by BMI is 27.8 and overweight. I would like to weigh around 80kg.

My main weight is on my stomach and it is here I'd like to work on.

I have high blood pressure and I fear this may be related to my weight too.

I'm not the most active of people and I'd like to start trying to get rid of this weight sooner rather than later. I'm a fairly busy person, so ideally I'd like to spend about 30-60minutes per day on exercise.

I don't have much equipment other than a mat, and a treadmill. I would love some suggestions of what plans and workouts I could try to begin with, and realistically how much weight I should be aiming to get rid of each week.

I also love food, but generally the wrong type of food. I'm an extremely fussy eater and always have been, there's a lot of fruit, veg and other healthy stuff that I simply don't like, so won't eat.

I realise the above is all making this tricky, but any suggestions to programs and plans would be great! I'm fed up of being overweight and I really need to start to get rid of my excess weight soon!