Which dumbells do you use, and would you recommend them?


Hi all,

New to Fitness Blender and have just finished the four-week FB Bodyweight program. It was brilliant!

Found it motivating, very easy to follow, and far more fun than a formulaic routine at the gym. Can't quite manage some of the stretches - the yoga wheel in particular takes some doing! - but my balance, flexibility and strength has definitely improved.

The only caveat is that some of the videos really required dumbells to get the most out of the routine. It wasn't a huge problem, but before I start another program I reckon it makes sense to invest in some weights.

Fitness Blender recommends Powerblock. They are pricey but do look really good. Unfortunately availability here in the UK seems limited. The Sport 24 set is easy enough to find at Amazon, but I would want more weight (U90, perhaps?) and those units seem quite rare and very expensive.

Would be helpful to have some recommendations on which dumbells are worth buying, so please share any tips or suggestions that you have.