Trying a whole new direction


My body's never been my friend - side effect of growing up in a generally unhealthy home. When I was just out of college I teamed up with my mother to purchase a treadmill, and I power-walked/jogged every day after work for a year. I lost 40 lbs and hated every minute of it. Though I never really became a couch-potato again (bought a little stepper for myself when I moved out), time marches on, and now I'm in my mid-30's, and I gained two dress sizes in the last year and a half.

So I said to myself, "Self, you're going to get back into your wardrobe!" I applied myself to my cardio with more diligence, added some weights, and really upped my efforts this summer (I'm a teacher, so in summer I can spend 2-3 hours with my stepper if I want.) After two months of extra effort, plus 7 weeks of super-extra-workworkwork effort, my results were zero. Nada. Zilch. I was no closer to getting in my skirts than I was in April. My body is not my friend!

FB is, for me, trying a whole new direction. I have two weeks left of summer, so I bought the FB 30 Trial and am determined to see it through. I opened up the first video and read Kelli's intro, in which she addressed the "steady-state cardio addict." I think that's me, Kelli.

I've been reading the community comments, and am trying to get in the mindset. I can't get all defeatist just because what worked for me in my 20's isn't working in my 30's. That first HIIT video nearly killed me, but so did tread-milling, when I first started. I'm determined to see this through, and be excited for whatever progress I can make in my set time frame... and then pick another manageable chunk and do that, too. Wish me luck!