Here I go!


I have struggled my whole life with weight. Much of it was from emotional issues, then in more recent years more health issues have piled on, increasing the challenge to get/stay fit. I started FB a few weeks back. Just a few low impact videos. I have a hard time habituating, but today I HIIT the ground running (see what I did there :D) This was my first attempt at a HIIT workout and I'm so proud of myself for making it through to the end. I had to modify to accommodate a knee injury, but I didnt give up! I replaced one or two of the exercises with ones that I KNEW I could do. In the past I might have gotten to one I cant do and just walk away, but I'm determined! I want to be a healthier mom. A better role model for her than I had growing up. Than you FB for making my goals seem both reasonable and achievable!