FB Reach & Running


Hey guys,

So I'm coming out of a rough patch with my health. I was not able to exercise for an extended period of time and I'm just on Day 2 back at the gym.

I decided to take it easy until I get my strength and endurance back. I'm running a mile most days out of the week as well as doing the daily FB Reach exercises.

I have been running first because I thought it would be better to get my muscles warmed up before all the intense stretching and pilates that FB Reach offers, however, I'm finding that I'm sweaty and exhausted after running and I don't seem to be doing the best I think I could with the FB Reach exercises. Like I'm tired and find myself shaking as I'm trying to hold stretches that shouldn't be that difficult.

I'd appreciate your feedback. Should I run first or do FB Reach first? I know someone here knows the science behind which order I should proceed in.