Not so lost anymore..


Hi Blenders,

My name is Harleen and I'm fairly new to the FB game :) I've been on and off the workouts for the past year without much luck in weight loss. A brief picture of me currently:

-fairly tall 5'10

-fluctuating around 175- 179 but I do want to shed a few more and lean out.

-I'm not an overweight woman, I tend to carry muscle mass quickly and this tends to disappoint me when i look on the scale (I know, its a habit i need to break!!)

I dont have trouble starting but I slowly start to fall off the wagon after a few weeks (usually with food), How do you guys keep reminding yourselves to stay on track? My only "diet" change is to eat less processed foods. I dont harshly restrict my calories and I try to stay away from too much sugar - key word: TRY lol

Please let me know your stories; how you started and what keeps you motivated. I'm looking forward to reading them all and hopefully picking up tricks.

My goal is to stick around with this community and make some good connections and I begin my lifelong fitness journey.

Thanks so much everyone,