FB Sweat - last 3 days :)

So yesterday Day 24 - first time i sweat so much and i could really push harder than any other time - even though i actually went to quit the video 3 times i knew i just couldn't click the workout complete button if i didn't finish it, so i DID!. I came to love this program only this last week! Cause i actually notice the change, i can go hardcore on the workouts. When i began i was modifying everything to the lowest possible. I had all my focus to just maintain a habit and not push too hard and hate it.

So Day 24 i pushed hard and was feeling exhausted by the time i went to bed.

Day 25 i crawl unwillingly out of bed thinking ok i will take this day off, its not happening.. no way! But i decide to just open the calendar and see whats for the day.. Recovery cardio HAHA i loved it.. I thought ok it makes sense even THEY know i'm exhausted today :)

So tomorrow is my last day on the program and even though i couldn't wait to get over with it to start FB MASS, i'm actually thinking if i should repeat it and leave mass for later?

I want to lose ~5kg, so i would appreciate some advice. Should i go for the Mass i was waiting for? Will it make me sweat and lose around same calories as Sweat? I saw it also has cardio stuff so it might be not that far different?

Sorry for the long post! Wish you all be happy & excited :)