Dumpster fire to glittering dumpster fire (probably)


Hi, I'm 24yo and boring.

I found out about FB some weeks ago on Youtube when I was searching for workouts that fit my design and wouldn't annihilate me because I was feeling the absolute worst I've ever been, like I'd drop and die at any second. I've been following their videos since then, and have managed to complete one of the week-long program things so far.

Okay, these are the only workouts that have ever given me VISIBLE results, and it's freaking me out because I'm not used to it at all... in a good way. I was about (I think, I don't know, it's been months since I've weighed myself because I threw out that nightmare contraption) 170lb? 160-something? And lately I've been looking in the mirror, and I look like I transmorphed from my old body into this slightly better-looking one within a week.

I'm in the middle of the second or so week, and I've never felt this physically better. You know, even psychologically better, especially after strength training workouts (my favorite). I suffer severe depression and anxiety, and since I started following FB it's like my entire psyche is reprogramming itself. It's magical? A miracle? I never thought I'd feel so much better. That doesn't mean I still have my lows, though, of course. I've moved to working out as one of my primary sources of happiness for me, and my god, it works.

My entire life I've been trying to find ways of losing weight due to extremely low self-esteem and negative self-image. These workouts are healing me, changing me. I've never been so grateful.