Abs 1 or 2?


Hi all. I've been using FB's free workouts on and off for a few years now, but this is my first community post and I'd like some input on which program should be my first purchase. I'm leaning towards one of the FB Abs programs. I can't really commit to more than 30 minutes a day and would like to start with a 4 week program.

I've been exercising pretty regularly for several years and one of the problems I have is a tendency to bulk up in my lower body with a lot of lower body work. I love pilates for the lengthening and toning it gives me when I do it regularly but it also bores me to tears after a while if I'm doing it exclusively. I also love strength training (not boring!) but I don't want my short legs to bulk up.

Also, is there an option to reschedule workouts in a program if you miss a day? Some weeks I know it is likely I'll only be able to manage 4, not 5.

Thanks! And best wishes to Kelli and Daniel for Kelli 's recovery!