Getting Backon the Wagon


I have never been big into working out. Used to be enough to manage my figure with just my diet alone. Now I'm 33 and 3 kids in which has really done a toll on my body.

Mostly I would say that my weight gaining problem came during grad school. My youngest was 3 months old when I began grad school. My degree required me work full time to boot. I was so overwhelmed with school, work and family that I could not put any thought into what I ate or if I worked out. I graduated with my masters last August but kept up the bad habits.

This summer, my husband are going on our first kid-free vacation for our 10th anniversary. I realized I was not how I wanted to look on a beach and needed to do something about it ASAP.

I began with my diet and cut out fast and easy foods. Then I added in working out. My husband is a power lifter and in great shape but I hate going to the gym with him. More weight, more weight. You aren't straining enough and can go heavier. Did you eat your own body weight in protein today??? We do NOT meet eye to eye. I began doing random videos on youtube then came across fitnessblender. Found out there was a community on their website and read about the 5 day challenges. Today I finished my second week through of the Strong and Lean 5 day challenge. Love it!!! Its tough so I'm sweating heavy the whole time. What I love is that the exercises change frequently so if I hate one (burpies, star jumps), it won't be long before we switch to something else. AND I like how the workout is set up to get the hardest out of the way first when I have more energy.

I am so excited to see improvements in myself physically. Just need to work on my attitude about food. I can get pretty grouchy when I really want some junk but finding good replacements that are feeding and fueling my body instead of just fun to taste for 5 seconds in my mouth.