Newbie here needing your marvelous warmth.


Hello to you all and thank you kindly for reading this. My name is Tiziana and from now on I hope to become part of this wonderful, vibrant community that you have built.

My personal story is not very interesting, so I'll try to keep it short. Although my adolescence has been pretty rough in regards to self-confidence and body image, my adult life has been so far much more kind to me, at least for everything that concerns what I think of my body. There are still a few people that love to pointing out what they perceive as my "bad parts", but they keep failing at making feel sad about my exterior. I know where my worth lies... and it's not in my thighs.

Working out and loving to become stronger everyday has been therapeuthic for me in so many different ways than simply building a confidence: it gave me back happiness for life, excitment for all that's new, peace of mind and the feeling to really belong to this world, to this moment. When I work out, I feel... happy. I know that many of you can understand what I'm trying to say.

I've started my "health journey" in March and, between many highs and lows due to my personal difficulties with consistency, now I am...well, here! Today I've purchased and started my very first program, FBabs round 2! I'm looking forward to share with you all of my progresses and to read yours! : )

To all of you, thank you for having me.

P.S.: is there a possibility to receive an autograph from Loki if I complete my program? I badly want it. He's my personal motivator number three and I want a proof of his existence in my life. An autograph sticked to the wall would be perfect.