Endomorph - Need to understand what to do


Hey guys.

I'm new around here - cof cof, ok i'm not, but i was to lazy to start - and i have been in a gym, but the time i have and the money i have don't allow me to continue there, and to be honest i was not happy with the results.

My body type is endomorph, if i walk in front of the gym i get muscle if i walk in front of the restaurant i get fat, i live near a lot of restaurants :p

So i was wandering if anyone can sugest recepies, tips and trainings for me based in this:

- I have a leg protesis (i hit a tree with my car)

- I am 86kg and i want to lose weight to 76

- 1,71cm tall

- I can lift weights and i can do low impact trainings

I need to lose weight because of the protesis in the leg.

Thanks for the help