Thank you FB family - some news


Hi everyone,

I'm back to give you some news after my last apalling post ( I'm still ashamed about it - it's a good thing you're nice people ;)

So ! Since that post last April, I finished Strong, half-heartedly (I was at the worst of my binge-eating and really didn't see the point of working out, but I still stuck to it) ; then Burn 1, and right now I'm at Day 16 of Burn 2. I'm not doing the Extra Credit Challenges this time around, because I'm afraid that's one of the things that sent me over the edge last time. I'm too exhausted anyway !

I eventually purchased the Calendar Meal Plan last May. The first two weeks were entirely binge-free (yay) but I slipped a few times during the second half and it all went downhill again. I'm glad I tried, but meal plans are definitely not for me.

I don't regret anything though, it introduced me to some cool recipes, and to SAVORY BREAKFASTS (if anyone had ever told me I would prefer an egg tortilla with spinach and mozza over bread toast, I would have laughed to their face).

Today is my 10th day of a new binge-free period (the first since the Meal Plan), so… fingers crossed :)

I'm trying to avoid fast sugars (most fruits included) for the moment, since they are a huge trigger for me. But I'm not cutting carbs of course.

I also forbade my mum to buy PB again, because it's too "dangerous" having it in the house right now. I'm still having good fats (avocado, olive oil, feta cheese...), but a single tbsp of PB can turn into a half-the-jar-binge so quickly O.o

I'm back to eating big volumes of vegetables to keep binges at bay, and I treat myself with a bowl of popcorn nearly every night (thank you Meal Plan !). And I have a small piece of 88% chocolate and 6 almonds (that's specific ^^ I needed to set a limit - for the same reasons I quit PB - and 5 sounded too drastic, haha) after lunch.

I also started listening to free eating disorders hypnosis mp3's every night. I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to hypnotise me, but that can't do any harm, haha.

So, technically speaking, I've got my life back on track for now :D

There's just one thing : I thought I was doing pretty well yesterday when I noticed my abs were back, so I stupidly decided to try on a new bikini in order to assess the damage done over the past few months. Needless to say I SHOULDN'T HAVE :'(

Mysteriously, my upper body was left immune, but the cellulite on my thighs... ugh. And to think I already hated them when they were pretty smooth last summer O.o

Anyway, I still have 34 days before going to the beach, and I guess my priority should be my mental health. And I should be glad for Fitness Blender, because the damage would have definitely been much worse than just cellulite if I hadn't kept working out with them.

Still, I'm drinking looooots of water, eating clean, cutting salt and sugars, kneading-rolling my thighs (yuk), applying caffeine cream, following Burn 2 and walking. And not binging of course, ha.

If anyone has miracle ideas to reduce cellulite (I already took FB's advice and pretty much everything I could read), feel free to share.

And thank you all again for your support last time, it meant the world to me.