Daily Check-in: Tuesday, May 29th


Good day Blenders!

How are you all doing today? Did you enjoy your long weekend (if you had one)?

We enjoyed a quiet weekend at home, spending time with my puppers and getting stuff done around the house. It was nice; but I wish it hadn't been so hot and humid. We only have a few more days of this kind of weather, and then it should cool back down a touch. Something I'm very much looking forward to!

So what workouts do you guys have planned today? I was gonna do kickboxing/upper body yesterday, but with how hot it was, I just couldn't talk myself into kickboxing. So I did this combo instead:



I only intended to do the first one, but I ended up having a little more energy than I thought; so adding the second video worked out pretty well. Plus the first video had the warm up included, while the second one had the cool down included--a happy accident, I suppose lol.

As for today, I imagine I will do some kind of lower body workout; maybe this one:


And thanks Siobhan for recommending this one yesterday! I had forgotten about this video, but it is such a good workout. Plus it's short and sweet; so thanks for bringing it to my attention again!

Well, I hope you all enjoy your workouts (or rest day!) today, and thank you for checking in!