Daily Check-in: Saturday, May 26th


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Blenders!

How are you all doing on this lovely weekend day?

It's going to be HOT here today (in the 90s, which is super unusual for this time of year!). And a chance for thunderstorms; which is ok, as long as the winds aren't too strong, and there's no hail!

So yesterday I did this workout combo:



And Holy Sweatfest, Batman!

I had sweat dripping off of my elbows when I held my weights to my shoulders, sweat pouring off the top of my head, and even my shins were drenched (I mean, what? lol)! I'm also feeling it in my glutes today too. It felt good to get a workout in.

Today I think I'm going to do this upper body one:


It's a oldie, but a goodie. If you want to really feel those upper body muscles, give this one a go!

I did already got some cardio in this morning when we had a porcupine suddenly in my yard! A few minutes were the difference between me being outside with my dogs, and this guy appearing! Could have been a very, very bad run-in. I've had to pull wwwaaaaayyy too many porcupine quills from dogs' faces in the past several years (none from my pups though, thank goodness).

Well I think I rambled enough today lol.

What workouts or fun activities to you have planned today? Or maybe it's just a relaxing weekend day for you?

I hope you all have a great day, and thanks for checkin in with me!