Workout for Climbers?

Hey there,

For a few months I've been doing the Workouts and I've come to love them. I feel really good after a relatively short Workout and I got used to being uncomfortable... ;-)

Currently I am doing the FBX, combining it with Climbing. I realized, a program with 4 or 5 Workoutdays would suit me better than the 3 days in this program. I love HIIT 2-3 times a week.

Furthermore I am looking for a Workout that focuses on the lower body (since Climbing takes care of the upper body and core) but that also has one (up to two) upper body/core-focused Workouts a week.

I am looking at FB burn, FB sweat, the boot-workouts. Do they contain upper-body-focused Workouts in that little amount?

Some help would be very welcome! :-)