FB Fit (8 week program) - not seeing physical change?

I haven't seen much progress since I started the FB Fit (8 week) program at the end of October. I actually started with FB free workout videos since the beginning of September and also ate healthier - although I wasn't exercising as regularly as I am now. It's been almost a month now since I started the program, but, physically, I don't see much change - just some slight muscle definition on my arms but very very little - which I find disappointing. My goal was to look slimmer (arms, legs, stomach) and I don't care about the weight; but I did notice that I gained weight (3 pounds)! I guess it's from the muscles? And that my stomach became bigger?! I do feel stronger though. I'm just worried that I won't see any difference physically by the end of the program.

I'm just wondering if others have experienced the same thing (i.e. exercising 5 days/week pretty intensively and eating healthy but not seeing progress after a few months)?