Workout request: More intermediate/advanced yoga!


I've been trying to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine. There are several workouts from Marina that I repeat often. I really like the longer, level 4 vinyasa sessions. I really like that her routines are often quite challenging for me. I usually have to stop to rest here and there, but I typically have a moment when my body really gets into the groove and I can hold poses I thought were beyond my ability. That moment is the best feeling!

I just completed this one again:

And I love that it's challenging and frankly doesn't really hold your hand through all the poses, which allows me to focus more on my body than on the video. I've done lots of studio yoga so I typically know the names of poses and if I don't I'm fine with glancing at the screen. At this point there are lots of shorter, beginner-friendly flows that are great about explaining the postures. I would love more of these meditative, longer flow routines from Marina!

Is anyone else in this same boat (pose lol)?

Thanks to ALL the trainers, btw, you're all fabulous!