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Weekly Roundup: Week 2 of Build with Tasha 10-Day Challenge

Good morning FB Family!

How are we feeling towards the end of the first week of the challenge? Invigorated? Confident? Potentially a bit sore? We progress the overall intensity of the challenge during the second week of training to zero in on lifting our heaviest weights thus far.

Week 2 – Let’s preview your second week of training!

Workout formatting, exercise sequencing, and an overall increase in workout time all increase the energy demand required from your muscles for a safe, progressive overload this week. Note that your increases in weights don’t have to be monumental – a half pound increase is still an increase! Also note that overload can be reflected in other ways other than an increase in weight. Take note of your split sets and rounds. Are you able to use your goal weights for more reps than not during each set/round? Remember that splitting a set/round is a great way to help you work your way towards using your goal weights for longer periods of time.  

As you enter these final training sessions with me before your deload week, take some time to reflect on any changing sentiments throughout the process. Your positive mental shifts are just as important as any increases in weight loads! Approaching your workouts with confidence rather than dread is a key perspective change integral to continued improvements in your physical capabilities.

Let’s keep the conversation rolling – share your comments, revelations, and stories below!

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