New, on stress leave, rediscovering movement

Hi everyone!

I first found FB 2 years ago during the pandemic and instantly fell in love with the encouragement, empathy, and fun. Then I got a very awful stressful job and so much fell apart, including my relationship with my body, my confidence and strength. So hard!

Now I’m on leave and trying to structure my days and figure out what comes next. These FB videos are so welcoming and nice. I’d forgotten how right and confident even a short warm up makes me feel.

For years I went to exercise classes and didn’t think too much, probably took for granted all the stability and agility it gave me. Now, post-P, everything in my city is super bonkers expensive, and I miss consistency and accountability and feeling like I belong to something. So! I’m going to start with the free classes, from L1 up, the 5-day challenges, and then see where I am.

Thanks for reading,