New Workout! Express Total Body Split Strength Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

This express workout is short in length but still covers the whole body:

Express Total Body Split Strength Circuits

In roughly 20 minutes, you will work the lower body, upper body, and core with three quick three-exercise circuits. The work intervals are only 30 seconds long and you’re only repeating each circuit for a total of two rounds so this workout provides a great opportunity for you to experiment with leveling up your weight selections if you’ve been on the fence about upping your weights. All the exercises are easily modifiable as well!

I’m a huge fan of short workouts that still pack a punch. I’ll oftentimes plan a 45ish-minute strength session and then wake up the morning of training thinking, “nope, not today.” Workouts with a short time commitment and straightforward exercises keep me still making progress towards my goals but also mentally and physically lighten the load of a longer, more physically demanding routine.   

I hope you find a place for this workout in your training regimen! If you’re still feeling fresh at the end, you can pair it with a cardio/HIIT workout of a similar duration.

See you on the screen!