New Workout! Lower Body Strength and Cardio Pairs

Good morning FB Family!

Today’s workout release is a follow-up to the ever-so-challenging Lower Body Strength and Cardio Mini Circuit Burnout workout:

Lower Body Strength and Cardio Pairs

This level 5 routine is the same format as its predecessor, combining lower body strength and cardio exercises in an AABB x 2 format for each pair/circuit (of which there are five). Thus, your muscle strength and endurance will both be tested in this routine! I recommend your medium and heavy weight loads but note that these selections are always relative to the included exercises and your own personal feelings of fatigue coming into the workout. We play around with a bit of tempo strength training and a smidge of agility training for the cardio exercises so expect your brain to also be engaged from beginning to end.

I don’t remember the experience of filming the original version of this workout so I can’t truthfully tell you which one was harder than the other. I don’t think I blocked it out, I just somehow chose not to remember it. I do know that I had a ton of fun filming “part 2” and could possibly go again for a “part 3.” Any takers?

Don’t be afraid of the level 5 rating! Know that you can decrease your weights, increase recovery time, and/or choose movement modifications to make the intensity more accessible to you.

See you on the screen!