Which powerblock dumbbells should i get?


After much consideration I've decided to invest in my home gym, and I'm planning to get a set of powerblock dumbbells. I saw powerblock just released the https://powerblock.com/product/pro-100-exp-adjustable-dumbbells/ - anyone has any experience with this?

I'm keen on getting the pro expandable set, rather than the sports models. however i noticed that the new pro 100 exp has a different cage design compared to the older pro exp version (which expands to 90 lbs). So just wondering if anyone had issues with the caged design while doing specific exercises, or if anyone had any experience with the elite expandable powerblocks?

Also, I'm also on the lookout for a good bench! Due to space constraints, I'll only be able to get one bench hence I'm considering an adjustable incline one. I would appreciate any recommendations!

Thank you :-))