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New Workout! Express All Standing Shoulders and Core

Hey hey! 

Express All Standing Shoulders and Core 

This workout prioritizes strength for the deep core muscles and shoulders as these two areas naturally work well together for exercises. In the write-up, I share more on the difference between the core and “abs” muscles — there is a difference! Generally speaking, the core refers to the use of the full breadth of midsection muscles. Benefits range from injury prevention to increased balance and coordination along with better posture.

Set up to be express, bored easily, and all standing, you’ll be able to adjust your difficulty based on the weights you choose to use during the strength portion (if any) and how quickly you move during the cardio core burnout round. Overall, this routine is rated a 3 in difficulty and modifications will be provided. 

Excluding the warm-up, cool-down, and other helpful commentary, the workout portion itself is just over 19 minutes long. For me, it was one of those workouts where I felt l worked out much longer than I actually did by the end :) 

Those of you who have worked out with me before know that I have a love for workouts that incorporate core stability — come get your fix with me!