New here, but not new to FB.

Hi all!

I'm Jenni, I've been on a weight loss journey after gaining back all I lost several years ago (pandemic started a downhill slide and I kept going...). Anyway, I had a health scare in late May and I haven't looked back. I have lost 25 pounds so far, which is the halfway point for me. Since I am feeling better now, I know that it is time to get back on the FB bandwagon. I used it to get into great shape when I lost weight before, and now I feel like I can handle it again.

Other stuff about me:

I'm 51, she/her pronouns, wife, mom, and current nursing student.

I have 10 kids but 5 have already flown the coop. So "only" 5 at home.

I also have some mental health journals and coloring books published on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Other online bookstores, and I write fiction in my spare time.

I live in Vermont, but lived in Phoenix, AZ until last summer, so that was quite a life change.

Anyway, I posted in the daily check in today so I figured I should introduce myself somewhere too.