New Workout! Total Body Mini Ball Intervals

Hello! Your new workout today makes use of a fun new piece of equipment — a mini stability ball! 

Total Body Mini Ball Intervals

In this routine we will work the entire body as the mini ball travels to different areas to enhance the intention in each movement. Benefits of using a mini ball include: building core stabilization, adding extra resistance to exercises, challenging balance and agility, bringing a new element to the mind body connection, recruiting smaller muscle groups, improving posture, and increasing muscle activation.

If you don’t have a mini ball, they are an affordable purchase at places selling athletic items, but you can also create a similar experience by using a small dense pillow you have laying around your home or by rolling up a towel! With some intuitive adjustments, this routine can also be completed without any equipment but some of the added benefits will be lost. 

In the workout, we travel through 16 exercises, twice. We can use the first round to get familiar with the exercises/ball placements and then feel even more confident as we complete them and feel the burn a second time. 

For those of you who travel frequently, a mini ball is easy to blow up and deflate and makes a great addition to fun workouts on the go! I’m looking forward to seeing how this workout goes for everyone, enjoy!