New Workout! Total Body Double Resistance

Hey, all! Looking to use more than 1 form of resistance, a thorough total body workout, and a small mental workout, too? Read on!

Total Body Double Resistance

Evenly working muscles of the upper and lower body, we will tack on 2 forms of resistance; varied and fixed. Fixed resistance is what we’re most commonly used to when using dumbbell weights while resistance loops or bands create a varied resistance, becoming more resistant as they stretch. By combining the 2 of these, you’ll notice more of your coordination, stability, and mind-body connection is used. You’ll also be working towards greater strength as well as muscle growth.

The main total body workout itself uses both a resistance loop on the lower body and weights in hand, having us go through 12 exercises and getting to repeat them a second time once we become more familiar with all the movements. Also included are separate lower and upper body burnouts using just the resistance loop. Your warm-up and cool-down are included.

With all the resistance and coordination efforts taking place, this routine is rated a level 4 in difficulty but has ways to become less difficult! Read the full write-up for more guidance on this. 

I enjoyed that my mind was constantly a part of this workout. It made it that much more satisfying, plus, it flew by!