New Workout! Full Body Strength and Cardio Pyramid

Hi all! Pyramid, anyone? 

Full Body Strength and Cardio Pyramid

This workout will most likely be appealing to those who are lacking general motivation, are stuck in a rut of their same old workout routine, want to do a fun workout, or enjoy the challenge of blending strength training and cardio! 

For our workout, the interval time will start at 15 seconds and climb up to 75 seconds in increments of 5 seconds. There will be a 15-second rest after every active interval. Much of the cardiovascular and muscular endurance challenge comes from the consistent time of the rest intervals while the active interval time increases. It’s very much so a game of pacing and mental commitment!

Completing 13 exercises total to get to the top, you’ll be invited to use dumbbells on the majority of them while some of them will be bodyweight only. Once we reach the top, there will be time for a water break/to take in the beautiful view from the top ;) and then we will begin descending, starting with the longest interval again and working our way down.

Your warm up and cool down are included along with modification reminders throughout. I use a 15 lb pair of dumbbells for the exercises that utilize weights but recommend you have a pair of light and medium weights with you to adjust if needed. 

I loved the satisfaction that came with this one and due to the ever-changing variables, it flew by! Come join me!